Cute Critters!

So I was looking back through some of my older posts recently, and can't believe I didn't share with all of you the amazing critters a dear friend of ours made for Munchkin shortly after he was born. After seeing how cute her turtle was (HERE), I commissioned them from her.  The octopus is one of the only softies in his entire collection of soft toys that he enjoys! (Lord knows he doesn't like any of the ones I've made for him!)  He used to have "Octi" in his car seat and would fall asleep sucking on his athletic sock before he got attatched to a silky blanket another friend gave him.

Aren't they amazingly cute!?  I refused to believe they were her first attempts at knitting children's softy toys!   You're amazing Candy.  Thanks again!


  1. Can I commission an Octi??? SO CUTE!

  2. Imported from Facebook:
    Candy wrote: You are so sweet! I'm glad he still likes to play with them...and the octopus was my favorite as well! We love you guys!

  3. @ Candy: Thanks again! It sounds like my sister Bon wants one too!