Family Portrait...

Apparently, family portraits, like by a real photographer, aren't our 'thing'...
So this one will have to do for now!
(taken on hubby's lunch break...haha!)

I've also added many photos to Munchkin's latest album on the left: (Munchkin 12-15mths).  As a quick update, he is quickly becoming a 'little boy'.  The changes have not been so much physical as developmental.  He now fast-walks --  everywhere! He climbed the dining room chair and table yesterday for the first time as well.  My heart was a bit nervous, but I knew it was big for him; so, I cheered which made him get more excited and stand on the table to dance! heehee

He's always been joyful, but lately he becomes outright thrilled when we applaud his little successes like when he figured out HE could stack blocks too, just like mom and dad!  And he shares quite well for a babe his age -- unfortunately it's with the DOG -- and not only food, but also wooden toys and paper!  They're hilarious together.  I mean it.  Poor Ellie has to put up with his roughhousing all day, and he can be quite rough with her at times.  She's a trooper though, never responding in anger.  She simply jumps up and gets outta Dodge!  (But yes, he usually follows!)

So I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather and would love to hear some updates from all of you in the comments below on how you're doing!  Take care!

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