New passion of mine...Aprons!

Okay, so I NEVER have worn aprons, not once -- until I became a mom. Spit up and peas, and having to change my shirts every few hours made me much more open to frilly aprons that made me feel like a woman again.  I made my first last year from a little girl's dress (pictured above, but don't look too closely at the stitching!)  I loved it and have been thinking of making another ever since. Then, a friend of mine recently completed construction on her dream home, and had everything she could possibly need for it, so I was stuck for housewarming gift ideas.  Then it dawned on me -- a feminine apron!  Every mom needs one!

Making hers gave me the confidence to make one for myself as well (though it didn't give me the time I would've liked to do it...heehee!) And I typically try to recycle used clothing, but it's more difficult to find playful/colorful patterns.  So when in Walmart, I randomly came upon a HUGE rack of bandannas.  They weren't all your typical paisleys either!  These two prints screamed, "Hey, I'd like to be an apron!"  I agreed!  What do ya think!? 
This was SEW simple.  I mean it!  I just topstitched the 2 bandannas together, folded down the top corners into the inside of the apron, and added an ad-hoc, handmade binding (straight grain) for the waist ties.  (Yes, I could've cut off those top corners, but I wanted greater absorbency since I use aprons as a hand towel quite often.)  Seriously, these were just about as simple as sewing can get!  And made in under 30min -- you CAN'T beat that :)  


  1. Too cute! I love the red and orange combo.

    You were asking about the dyes I use... they are simple, you just throw them in the washer on hot cycle along with one cup of salt. They recommend treating the clothing first with soda ash (they sell it too); I didn't use the soda ash last year on my first batches and they all dyed fine also. Now that I have some, I use it.

  2. Thanks for the comment and dye info! I assume it has to be a top-load machine...We have a front-load, but I guess I could use my moms! Heehee :P