Wild Black Rasberries!

Last summer, Munchkin and I discoverd wild blackberry bushes while walking one of our city's greenways.  I don't mean a couple of bushes, I mean hundreds!!  He was very young, so I couldn't stay long and pick much, but I quickly (like within 15min) picked almost a quart!

So naturally, I put a reminder in my calendar to return again this year, and on Monday and Wednesday, in just two 20min pickings came home with 2 quarts of black raspberries!  They're not HUGE like the Costco ones, or farmers market ones for that matter, but they are MUCH sweeter!  And have that natural tang to them!  They are delicious plain (how Munchkin likes them), but they are sublime with a dollop of whipped topping on them.  I can barely stop eating them once I start!   Free, organic, wild black raspberries -- DIVINE!    


  1. I know, right! Gotta love mother nature, and the "fruits" of her labor!!