Munchkin is 3 whole months old!!!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my little boy! He's growing so fast.
To see the latest pics of him, click on his photo album "Munchkin (2-4mths)" on the left!

I'm in complete denial that he's 3 months old.  Time has flown so fast. Yet, at the same time, when I'm at a loss of how to entertain & interact with him, it feels like an eternity! Haha!  Hubby and I both mentioned today that we felt like today was the first day that we feel he's really a "LITTLE BOY"...who will soon be crawling, walking, talking and playing with other little kids. *Sigh*  I truly hope you enjoy all his pics as much as we enjoy taking them!

Anyway, to catch all of you up a bit...there's so much to tell.  He's "talking" more than ever. And he's really starting to "hold" onto toys! So cute :)  He's not grabbing for them yet, but that will come soon I'm sure.
He enjoys Skidamarinky Dinky Doo, Wind-the-Bobbin, and Akabaka SodaCraka Akabaka Boo,
as evidenced by his squeals of delight and gummy smiles!  There's not enough words in the English language (or at least I don't have them!) to express how thrilled I am that he's my son!

He's SUCH a good boy, and a good eater (anyone knows that who's see a picture of him :-)  He sleeps through the night pretty regularly, even though he's breastfed.  He NEVER cries; rarely even fusses unless he's hungry.  Many people have cynically said "let's see how long that lasts" or "that'll change."  And I know that, but while he is happy now, I've learned to accept each moment, each smile, each coo as a gift.

As a side note, but didn't want to leave it out:
I just found out last week that a high school friend of mine named Shawn is in Afghanistan serving in the Army.  Please keep him in your thoughts/prayers.  I think the world of him and his brother for serving our country!

Upcoming Posts:
Soon, I hope, I'll be making posts, not necessarily in this order, about:
1. My most recent sewing projects for Munchkin, a colorful quilted playmat.
2. A dining table that I'm refinishing to match the dining chairs Aunt Bonnie gave to us, including before and after pics!
3. A post about how cloth diapering is going for us! Keep checking back!


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