What did I do while in Orlando!??

While hubby was in training during the days, I got to go visit the local 
Goodwill stores and start/complete some of my craft projects for baby!  

White Baby BLanket I've started for baby as an 
heirloom blanket for our family!!

Green Baby Blanket I've started for baby!

I found a site online that shows how to take old wool sweaters 
and make diaper covers, pants from the sleeves, 
and/or crib pads to protect the mattress!

I found this awful sweater, but LOVED the animals, 
there were 12 animals total.  
While in Orlando I was able to take the time to carefully cut all of them out!
I bought the monkeys (they cost more than the sweater!)
So baby's bedding will now be animal themed!  I'm so excited!

Here are 2 more wool sweaters I found in Goodwills!

This one is a 4 pc set that was 40.00, but of course I go it for 6.00!!

This one, if you remember, had nothing on it, 
but I thought it'd be cute with puppy buttons on the shoulders 
and the paw print embroidered in the center!

This one didn't have any embellishments on it either, 
but I thought the blue would be a nice backdrop for the sports buttons!!  
Soooo cute!  Thanks for lookin',  ya'll!!!

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