New Sewing Area!!

I've finally taken the time to organize all my sewing JUNK
so I can get some actual projects DONE :)
You know, all the fabric, ribbons, patterns, tools,
cutters, thread, etc that you have to have in order to sew!
They've gotta go somewhere, but WHERE!?

And I was able to use old peanut containers (silver ones; from Sam's Club),
old cotton candy tubs (clear ones; from when Josh and hubby went to a baseball game together),
and the shelf brackets themselves to hold/hang things from!
It took me a whole evening to do, but I felt SO productive--
and hadn't even started an actual project! Ha Ha!

Well that's not ENTIRELY true...I have finished some projects,
but they're for my cousin Abby (who's having a girl) 
so I can't post them online till she receives them or the surprise will be ruined!
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