First Prenatal Checkup

11 weeks and a few days along.
Doc said all is well and I'm happy to report:
I've been feeling just GREAT....really!
Not too much nausea, although I'm not sleeping all that great.
Not complaining, just reporting! I figure, if I'm blessed with not experiencing
any nausea, then I'm not ALLOWED to complain!
Been able to eat and do just about everything I used to and
I've even been able to eat my favorite....Indian food!!
Which is great, 'cause Indian foods are sooo healthy for baby and I both.
I've even been able to learn a few NEW Indian dishes as well cause there's a
brand new Indian grocery right down the road from us that has
just about EVERYTHING Indian I could want!
So all is well and I'll report again in a few weeks!

Here's a special pic from our Honeymoon in Asheville, NC!
We went exploring on our own one day and found this beautiful stream!
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