Trip to Washington, DC Fall of 07

Here's some pics of when I went with hubby on one of his business trips.
This one was to Rockville, VA. My Dad lives so close to where we were staying,
he came to visit for the day and we went into DC to the Smithsonian!
It was amazing!! I had never been to DC before, let alone the Smithsonian.
There were soooo many cool things like Miles Davis' trumpet, and Louis Armstrong's trumpet case, Mr. Roger's Sweater, Dorothy's ruby red slippers, and much more... But this was the highlight of the trip for dad (first helicopter to fly around the world).

This was one of the highlights for me, though!
The Hope Diamond. It wasn't actually displayed like this, of course--
but it's a better pic than what mine is as the lighting wasn't good for pics.

Marie Louise's Necklace...This was one of my second favorites!
Oh, their mineral collection was INCREDIBLE!!
What a wonderful experience!!
Thanks for taking me, Dad--and for driving!!

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