Our Humble Abode!!

Here's a few pics of our house that we bought in the
Carolinas in Jan 07 and some of the many changes we've made to it!!

Pic: before we bought it, probably in 02.

Pic: spring of 07 when we bought it...

I can't find a pic more recent, but I'll take one soon!
But, now the daffodils (the yellow flowers shown) have been split into 4 different locations, symmetrically placed of course!! The urns have purple & white, and pink snapdragons in them.
They're also closer to the walkway. The nandina bushes( the red bushes you see) are much more mature and healthy! I've also split the daylilies so they are on the far right and far left, and very healthy too!
Here's the master bedroom with the previous owners decor...

And here's it now!!
Dad--here's the headboard I made!

And here's the kitchen before...Ugh. The horror of this wallpaper....Yikes.

Pic: Halfway done with no knobs on the doors!

And here it is now (June 08).
Isn't it AMAZING what a little paint, well, a LOT of paint, can do!?

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