Welcome to the World Monkey!

We're proud to announce the birth of our second boy
(to be officially known as "Monkey" on the blog!)

He was born April 23rd after a natural birth of just 11 hours.
 He was a healthy 8lbs even, and 21inches long!!  
As you'll see, he seems to get his eyebrows, nose, and lips from daddy and only his eyes from me! 
I'll try to post more pics by the weekend. I know I've been negligent. So sorry!!

Like Munchkin, he's a very 'happy' baby. And thank goodness all the tasks of his care are repetitive and simple! (SOME part of the birth and infancy has to be simple, right!?)  Overall, we're doing pretty well, trying to be patient with ourselves and eachother! Having two kids is different ballgame for sure - much harder on a marriage. But we try to keep things light-hearted. I keep reminding myself that things will become more of a routine soon, and Munchkin will be back in preschool too. So that will at least give me some down-time to 'catch-up" on SO many tasks that have been put off since mid-pregnancy! 

Joys of Breastfeeding
From his first feeding, he has been a champion eater. The only glitch we ran into was that he tended to just 'hold' the nipple in his mouth, not sucking. Almost like he thought he didn't have to do any work ;-) It quickly passed though, lasting only about a week or so.

As each day went by, I was reminded of all the real benefits:   
It forces you to sit down and relax every 2-3 hours!
Doesn't stain/stink like the "formula smell"  and I'm sure it has to taste better to him.
It supports his immunity in these early weeks/months.
It's way less expensive than the formula we would use.
Munchkin's poo doesn't smell as bad as formula poo! (What more can you ask for.)
My favorite part has to be the "reward" of how cuddly he is afterward, and the little sounds he makes!
As a bonus, it's so sweet to see him play with his hair - heehee!!   

That's all for now. Thanks again for everyone's encouragement and support!
**If you leave a comment below, please remember to not use baby's name online - thanks.**

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