It's Autumn -- Yay!

So it's Autumn and I was SO in the mood for warm, hearty comfort foods specifically chicken and biscuits!  I never actually remember eating this as a kid, but my mom used to make a French sauce I LOVED called "Veloute" for pouring over my chicken (or turkey). She actually made it especially for me, but called it simply "gravy" so I'd eat it.  (But now that I think of it, I don't actually know that she knew she was really making a gourmet sauce!)  Anyway, a favorite of mine as a kid was definitely chicken pot pie, so this seemed like a great compromise to avoid all that work :-)

Anyway, so here's the recipe I used to make it and it was SUPER easy -- like klutz-proof!!  Actually it's SO klutz-proof that I used egg whites on accident instead of the egg yolks and it still turned out to be exactly as I had hoped!

I've seen recipes online where they just drop biscuit dough in the mixture and bake it in the oven so the biscuits still came out crispy, but I had biscuits in the freezer that needed used before their expiration.  So that's what I used this time.  HERE and HERE are the recipes for "dropped" chicken & biscuits.  I hope you all enjoy it in this chilly fall weather and it warms your hearts and bellies!  But if you need a truly NO fuss recipe, HERE's one from HomemadeWithLove's blog.  It uses canned items, so don't add any salt!

So take 2 chicken breasts and simply cook over medium heat till done.  Then dice into bite-size pieces. While that's cooking...prepare the Veloute sauce.

4 T.    butter (unsalted or salted)
5 T.    white flour (can't be whole wheat)
2 c.    chicken broth/stock (homemade or canned)
2/3 c. whole milk
2 lg     egg yolks (OR WHITES, haha!)
salt to taste
pepper to taste (white pepper if you have it!)
I also added a bit of onion powder, a pinch of paprika, and a bay leaf

1. Melt butter in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat.  Whisk in the flour til pasty.  Whisk for one minute (don't brown this).
2.Pour in the stock and whisk till combined.  Add the bay leaf if you'd like.  Leave uncovered till sauce is creamy and smooth (about 2 min).
3. Add in the cream and whisk.
4. Beat egg in a small bowl and add 2 T. of the warm sauce to the eggs. Whisk.
5. Slowly drizzle the eggs mixture into the pan.  Whisk.
6. Add salt and pepper.  Taste.  Adjust. Whisk for 2 min.  Remove from heat.

Add the cooked chicken to 2 cups of fresh or thawed veggies and half of the Veloute sauce. (Freeze the rest for another night!) Add about a cup of water (according to how thick you want the sauce) and stir all together.  Bake the biscuits according to the packaging and pour the hot Chicken mixture over the biscuits!  Enjoy!

If you need a simple biscuit recipe, I'd use this one since it has some whole wheat!  You'd just drop the dough over the "casserole" and bake for 10-13 min til they are browned.
1 c. whole wheat flour
1 c. white flour
1 T. baking pwdr
1 tsp. salt
1/4 cup oil
3/4 c. milk (2% preferred)

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