Where have you BEEN!?

It's been almost 2 months, I know.  Well, a funny thing happened when I logged onto Blogger one day.  They had come out with a new feature: STATS.  It allows you to see how many people visit the site, how often, which posts were most popular, etc.  While its intention is to encourage you and give you feedback to guide future posts, I was DIS-couraged at how many people actually visited the blog, so I stopped blogging.  What was the point?

Unfortunately, since then, I've been much less creative.  When I did make something (a recipe, a craft project, an apron, etc) I had no one to share it with; so it was terribly unsatisfying!!  Amazingly enough, not blogging made me see that I NEED to be creative and expressive.  It's therapeutic for me.

So, I'm BACK!  As often as I'm able to post, I'll post, whether anyone reads or not!  Posting what I've done gives me a way to organize my recipes, thoughts, and projects and to share them easily.  It gives me a way to look back over any given time period, remember what I've accomplished, and be proud of my successes, which encourages me to do greater things and try NEW things!

Oh, and although I've not been posting, I've continued adding pictures to Munchkin's albums so go check out his most recent 18-24 moth one (link on the left-hand side of the page)!

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