I'm thirsty...stain me!

BEFORE                          AFTER      

Our beautiful outdoor, wicker dining set (which we got on Craigslist for a steal almost 4 yrs ago) has been crying out for a fresh stain for about a year now! I couldn't do it last summer cause I was post-partum. (Needless to say, I couldn't do much of anything then!) And those who know us, know my hubby is just not a DIYer. So I was gonna be the one to do it, and this was the time to do it.

Of course, all could not possibly go according to plan. That would be a miracle, so after the first chair, I accidently spilled almost the entire can of stain...GRrrr. But I managed to finish another last week, so I now have 2 chairs done, and 2 to go. I really hope I finish this project up this week, but with all the rain we're having, I'm not very optomistic.

What do you think of the results!?


  1. Thanks Lilli :-) If this heat and rain would just pass in order to finish them. I'm accepting the fact it may be autumn by the time that happens!