My love affair with Bed Caddies!

So I had made a bed caddy/pocket organizer a few year back in a serious hurry...didn't even go out to buy fabric for it, opting instead to simply use an old bedsheet. But it was before I knew ANYthing about sewing and was even more impatient to see it DONE than done well!  Thus, I didn't take many measurements, and probably didn't backstitch or pin, etc. I'm still a "whip-it-up as fast as possible" type crafter, but that project backfired bigtime. It now has holes and ink stains from storing the pens upright instead of sideways, hangs a bit low to the floor, and is just plain worn out. No, I won't post a picture and make my sewing skills lose all their credibility! We'll just leave it by saying: "Many lessons learned!"

So I needed to make a new one. One that was more thought-through, and precisely measured and carefully sewn. I measure once, twice, and fit it before finally sewing it. I even had enough forethought to sew in dowels at the bottom to make them hang straight!  No, I still didn't pin much at all, because I simply HATE pinning. And I rarely steam press anything, but I did inventory exactly what I wanted in it, and designed the caddy around that. Thus, the "his" side differs a bit from the "hers" side! And I just happened to have the perfect heavy-weight backing fabric I needed, which also coordinated with our bedding. To be honest, with the amount of fabric accumulating in my sewing room, that phrase occurrence is becoming less of a coincidence!!!
So here's the result; what do ya think!?
They're so easy to make AND functional -- my favorite :-)

Want to make one yourself!?  As a general rule, I don't put enough thought foresight into my projects to actually make tutorials, but you can find a very thorough tutorial HERE, if you're *sew* inclined to make one of these for yourself!  

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