Munchkin is 5mths old!

More pictures can be seen in his online photo albums,
which can be found on the left side of the blog as Munchkin (4-6mths) etc.

Now, it may seem trite, but it really does feel like just last week that we brought him home from the hospital. And now he is actually using his arms to push his chest up when he's on the floor and "stands" in his exersaucer (which he thoroughly enjoys), and constantly makes *raspberries* with his lips, and with his food ;)
Speaking of food, as some of you know, he hasn't taken the bottle well in the past. So I was concerned that weaning him from the breast would not go well. We tried the new Breastflow bottles with the double nipple system. They were impossible to use, and he would gag cause the flow was so fast. So we had been using the Adiri nursers with some success, but just in the last 2 weeks my mom found a bottle that has worked very well for him ( NUK brand)!  Thus far, he's successfully replaced one breast feeding with a bottle feeding! I'm so proud!  I'm also proud of him that he's been a better sleeper lately, with some exceptions!  The past 2 nights he has soothed himself when he woke in the middle of the night.  For him, not needing to nurse to go back to sleep is a BIG achievement -- and one I welcome!

His latest, greatest feat is that he sits unsupported now! How incredible is that!?  I think it's quite wonderful --particularly for the fact that he can now sit in a  shopping cart, and I will no longer have to lift him out of the car (in his car seat) and up onto the cart. He's a heavy boy, mind you...18lbs + the car seat's weight!

Speaking of getting a workout -- I have decided to join a gym to do my workouts!  Everyone (books, lactation consultants, doctors, friends, etc) had told me  I'd lose the pregnancy weight quickly because I was breastfeeding.  I feel that statement should've come with a warning: "But you'll be hungry ALL the time, so plan healthy snacks!"  20 of the 30 pounds that I had gained came off by my 6wk checkup -- I had been
walking at least twice a week, and doing my yoga routines once or twice a week.  But I had been doing those as much for the "feel good" effects as the weight loss!  Then the heat of the summer came and those activities came to a halt quickly ;P   So those last 10lbs or so have been TERRIBLY difficult to lose.

What's worse is that it means I'm still having to wear my preggo clothes, which I'll admit hasn't helped my mood. (Hubby can attest to that!)  My greatest challenge has been to coordinate my 50min yoga routine + a quick shower with his short naps & feedings. I had thought of doing a yoga class that's a great deal at only $5/class. But was limited to only twice a week (by their schedule and hubby's work schedule)
So my solution? To find a place that has yoga AND childcare!  And hallelujah, I was able to find one *really* close to home!  I'm hesitant to "leave" him with strangers, but they were recommended
by a fellow mommy friend who works out and takes her kids there, and I'll still be in the same facility, so I can check on him if I feel the need to :)  I'm also hesitant to let him around other kids with it being flu season and H1N1. So we shall see how it all goes. Maybe hubby and I can coordinate my workouts so I won't even need the childcare! Here's hoping!

And I figure I'll be more disciplined if I post my goal here! So, "I want to strengthen my arms/shoulders and my core (abs/back/hips), lose about 15lbs (would put me almost back to my wedding weight),
and I want to reach my goals by the end of this year." Wish me luck!!

Update: We did work it out that I haven't needed the childcare since joining!!

In other news -- I've been more active with a local Meetup.com group for moms/dads.  And I'll host an "UnderOnes" Playdate at my house at least once a month, which will be great for Munchkin to be around other kids in these "pre-preschool" years!  Soon, I'll start to take him to the "BookBabies" time at the library since he's old enough now to enjoy being read to, and to watch other children play, etc. (I don't know why they call it by that name...they don't open one book, but instead they sing/dance/do hand motions to rhymes and songs.)  I had taken him around 3 months, but he, nor I, got much out of it :P
So I'm looking forward to that!

And I have really been crafting up a storm lately! When I actually set out to take pics of it all it seems like I've been very productive; but, while I'm working on them I don't feel that way 'cause I'm thinking about the 15 other project ideas that I HAVEN'T gotten around to yet!! HeeHee!  But in any case, here's the latest project pics for you all to enjoy.

I crocheted a bumble bee for Munchkin to play with!
He likes to suck on the bee's stinger (too funny).

I've also been working on a crocheted baby blanket for a friend who's having a boy.  I think the colors will turn out beautifully. Check back soon and I'll have pictures of him sitting up for you all!

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