Such a happy boy!!

Hi all,
Not TOO much is new, and I'm in a hurry to beat Blogger.com's "scheduled outage" at midnight!
But I know all of you love these updates, so I thought I'd quickly post just a few REALLY cute pics.

You can view the pics in his web-album, the link is on the left under
"Munchkin (2-4mths)"

He's such a precious, happy, sweet baby!  He rarely cries, is really starting to "talk" a lot and
smiles when I come in the room in the mornings!  It's enough to melt my heart every time!
He also has been looking for his thumb persistently!  He actually fell asleep with it once I helped him find it.  It was priceless!  Hope you like the pics and keep the emails comin.  I've been doing well, but still feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes.  My dad's coming to visit next weekend; we can't wait!
Bye for now, everyone.

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