My belly 20 weeks!

.Hi all! 
I forgot to post this pic of my belly at 20weeks along!
I'm 5 months along now, and for a few weeks now I've been able 
to feel little movements, but recently they've gotten strong! 
And just yesterday hubby was able to feel baby's kicks! 
I told him today that the movements sort of 
feel like a big fish swimming in a little bowl!  
And once in a while he swims right into the glass, nose first--
that's when I'm able to really feel him stong!
He seems to kick most after I eat, but he must know I'm 
writing about him cause he's kicking me as I'm writing this :)

Well, I'll try to be good about posting pics during the holiday! 
But I'm sure you all know how crazy holidays can get and I've only 
purchased 2 gifts so far, so I'll do my best to post often! :)
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